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FiRe 2015 - The Future in Review - Park City,_21998408426_o

FiRe 2015 - The Future in Review - Park City,_21998408426_o

Marc Prensky (L) and David Engle.

(if you want to use any of these photos for anything pls contact kk@kriskrug.com // 778. 898. 3076 first) Hosted by Mark Anderson, founder and publisher of the Strategic News Service™, the Future in Review® (FiRe) conference exposes world experts and participants to new ideas in a manner that produces an accurate portrait of the future in technology, including the global economy, cloud computing, biology and medical diagnostics, policy, netbooks, space travel, sustainability, and other fields that contribute to technology outcomes. (Strategic News Service and the SNS weekly global report have been accurately predicting the technology industry’s future since 1995.)This intimate conference is designed to be intellectually challenging, financially rewarding, and fun. Selected Themes Inside FiRe 2015: Designing the first pattern-based compute system • Engineering patterns in biology • Stem cells for brain cures • Neuromorphic chips • Contextual robotics • Autonomous drones • The AI debate • Graphene production and 3D graphene printing • A new biology-based programming language • Carbon chips • Flow batteries for the grid • and more.

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